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Planning is all part of the fun

... but now - so many ideas, with so little time. What will I do??

Before heading off on a trip, especially one that I will be travelling solo, I like to look into the destination with more detail and see how much I can cram into my days. In preparation for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong, a 4 night stopover on the way to India, I splurged on a Lonely Planet guide to add to my ever-expanding collection. Only problem now is that I have no idea how I'm going to fit everything that I'd like to do in that time.

I figure if I put it in writing, I'll then have more motivation to act it out and get my butt around to all these wonderful places. So far my short list for Hong Kong is as follows:

Temple Street Night Market

The Peak

Man Mo Temple

Day trip to Macau (Ruins of the Church of St. Paul, St. Lazarus Quarter, Macau Tower)

Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront/ Avenue of Stars/ Symphony of Lights

Tian Tan Buddha

Hong Kong Museum of History

10,000 Buddha's Monastery


And... trying to pick one of the hikes (too many to choose from!)


This list seems to be ever growing. It's going to be fun trying to figure out what to do in my one free day in New Delhi - in the end I'm sure I'll just end up wandering the streets, cause sometimes that's the best way to discover a place. Just wing it and see. I may have to take that aspect on travelling in Hong Kong, there's a lot more to the place than an abundance of skyscrapers.

Only a month till take off!

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Here we go...

My first post :)

Hi everyone and welcome to my NEW travel blog. My first attempt a number of years back has now disappeared and I can't even remember what I even called it. Hopefully this time, with a bit more dedication, and with a hell of a lot more travelling under my belt, I'll be able to keep this blog alive and kicking.

I've only just discovered Travellerspoint this past week and I'm now slowly and meticulously trying to retrace my steps across the globe over the years. I'm currently back in Adelaide, South Australia (my hometown) and awaiting my next adventure. I've been living in Canada and travelling to the US and Mexico over the past 22 months and came back to Oz a few months back. Soon I'll be heading off to Northern India and Hong Kong, which Travellerspoint has kindly told me is now less than 40 days away. I can't wait to be on the move again - even if it is only for a month this time. I'll be on a G Adventures trip whilst in Northern India and going at it solo in Hong Kong... although I'm sure with so many people living there, I'll never feel like I'm alone.

I may be very focussed on India and Hong Kong over the next couple of months, and if anyone has any words of wisdom on the area please let me know. I'm all ears for travel tips, awesome day trips, tasty food experiences, etc. I'll also try and add some of my little words of wisdom throughout my past travels in 'flashback' posts.

Thanks and enjoy


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